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Summer 2018 USATF-AL Newsletter
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Alabama Certification Chair Corner
by Connie Tolbert-McClinton

All certified officials and upcoming officials are encouraged to check here for updates on rules, announcements, newsletters, upcoming events, tributes, etc.

  • October 2019 Updates - Let me thank each of the officials who have submitted to me a copy of their updated certificates by either taking the 1. Refresher or the 2. Core SafeSport.

    > SafeSport Certification: The following link should explain to you what needs to be done. Some of the officials are confusing the USATF membership site for the SafeSport profile. Pay close attention to item #3. Read more...

    > Some officials took the SafeSport this year, but did you check your portal to see if a Refresher is required? I can't gain access to your portal because you MUST have a user name and your OWN unique password.

    USATF Officials National Uniform - Certified Officials are expected to maintain a professional appearance and follow these guidelines.

  • September 2019 Updates - Below is a link to the 2020 Young Officials Grant Overview Form, Eligibility Criteria, Process, Questions and Application for the 2020 season. Follow this information in order to enhance working a National Championship Meet. Please follow the form as instructed and adhere to the deadline to submit information. This is indeed a wonderful opportunity!

    > Don't forget to read your current USATF Newsletter and our Association Newsletter.

    > We are in the process of getting clinics together that will be of interest to you.




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